Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Car that runs on water?

So I saw this and like most things that are too good to be true, this one probably is (too good to be true that is). The thing that surprises me the most though is how the media has posted it without any background work. It would be really cool if this thing did work but I would be willing to bet a lot on it. If this car can really do the things that it says it can do, we are going to have to rewrite a lot of physics books.

First check out the video...

Now that you are all excited and thinking about how you can buy a jug of water and run your car on it...

Check out the skeptics opinions on Wikipedia here.

Now we all know that Wikipedia is not the authority for what is correct, but these things are not so off base. I will be very interested to see what becomes of this little miracle car, and if it does work how quickly is it going to disappear?

Not to get all conspiracy theory, because theoretically this car is just as possible as learning to fly to work like superman, but Big Brother government doesn't like things that it can not tax. Think about it. Cigarettes are legal, but pot is not. They are both health risks, but you can grow your own pot and the government makes a lot of money off of those cancer sticks. All of our traffic infrastructure is paid for at least in part by fuel taxes. do they tax water? According to that video I can refuel the car with salt water. That is going to make the return trip from the beach really cheap.